We All Love Jeanne! (and Liz Million too)

KS1 Event at CAST in Doncaster

Radio Sheffield's Simon Thake interviewed Liz Million and DBA team members Lyn Hopson and Phil Sheppard during the event. The interview was broadcast on Paulette Edwards' programme and on the Drive teatime show on Thursday 13th June. You can listen again for a restricted time (the segment starts at 1:41:02).

Thursday 13th June 2019 saw over 400 children attend DBA’s very first major KS1 event. After a few years away, DBA were back at CAST in Doncaster with a tremendous event, starring Jeanne Willis and Liz Million.

Liz Million entertains the audience
Liz Million entertains the audience

Mr (Phil) Sheppard kicked off the event by getting the audience to cheer and stamp their feet in anticipation of our guests, the first being DBA favourite Liz Million!

Embracing the stage, Liz immediately had children rolling around on their seats and laughing out loud at her witty stories about her life visiting schools, writing and predominantly illustrating.

Liz started by drawing pictures which transformed from a baked bean and a potato to a baby chick and a blue bear, both illustrations led nicely into the stories to follow brought to life by our next guest.

Jeanne Willis took to the stage next accompanied by Chicken Licken. Jeanne has written over 400 books including Bog Baby, Troll Stinks, Dr Xargle and of course Chicken Licken.

Chicken Licken was looking very resplendent with her sparkly necklace and posh hat, which it transpired she had bought online. Jeanne told the audience that Chicken Licken was very fond of purchasing things online as well as making friends via her computer too! Jeanne explained the perils of meeting people online as Chicken Licken went to meet one of the friends she met online, this was not a good idea as the friend turned out to be a fox... Jeanne assured us that Chicken Licken did escape the fox but we all need to be very careful when online.

Jeanne Willis with Goldilocks and Three Bears
Jeanne Willis with Goldilocks and Three Bears

Children from the audience were delighted and excited when Jeanne asked for volunteers to come on stage and sing a song about internet safety and also to dress up as Goldilocks and the Three Bears as well as the Troll and Three Billy Goats.

We were then treated to some pictures of Jeanne growing up in St Albans and she told us how technology had changed over the past few decades showing us a picture of an old dial telephone and of how her sister actually fainted at hearing her Gran on the other end of the phone!Troll Stinks came next, a re-telling of the classic “Three Billy Goats Gruff”. In Jeanne’s story, the goats are very mean to the Troll, saying things like the Troll was ugly and stinky. Jeanne really put across the moral of the story making the audience think about their actions and the impact on others.

Jeanne and Liz
Question and Answer Session with Jeanne and Liz

As the end of the event drew ever closer, Liz joined Jeanne on stage for a joint question and answer session. It was then on to the foyer for book signing and children meeting our guests! Some of the comments when asked how the audience had enjoyed the day included:

“It was a great day, wish I could have stopped longer”

“That was extraordinary!”

It certainly was extraordinary... many thanks to all who attended, the staff at CAST in Doncaster and the guests who truly made it a very special day!