Creative Writing Competition: ‘A Changing World’

We’re working with Doncaster Stories and the Rotary to bring you an exciting creative writing competition. Children are invited to create a piece of writing based on the theme ‘A Changing World’.

What does ‘A Changing World’ mean to you? Perhaps you’ll write about an event from long ago, share a vision for the future or reflect on how your world has changed over the past year.

You can choose any format you like – a story, a poem, news article or diary entry. You can include some illustrations too.

Everyone who enters the competition will receive a certificate and will have a chance to get their work published in an anthology and displayed in a local exhibition as part of the Connecting Stories project. Other prizes include…

  • Waterstones book vouchers (£50, £30 and £20)
  • A visit (virtual or in-person) to your school from amazing illustrator Liz Million
  • Backpacks full of books
  • Doncaster Book Awards ‘Reading Champion’ t-shirts.

In addition to the competition as detailed above, the DBA would also welcome entries from Secondary students. We will offer prizes of £30 and £20 for the best two entries.

Winning entries will be chosen based on originality, imagination, relation to the theme and overall enjoyment.

How to enter

‘A Changing World’: Writing prompts

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Can you imagine a world that is changing in a weird or wonderful way?
  • In 2020 the world adapted to a lot of change and challenges. How did this make you feel and what changed?
  • How do you think the world will change in the future?
  • How has the world changed already?
  • What do you think the world was like in the beginning?
  • Some ideas you could explore: the environment, living during a pandemic, adventures, countries around the world, space travel.

    Author Cat Weldon says:
    “My books are fantasy so I’m really excited about launching the writing competition ‘A Changing World’ which asks children to reimagine their world, or even conjure up a new one. They’ll be using their literacy skills to create a fresh bit of headspace in which they can lose themselves – a very powerful trick in times like these!”

Competition Guidance

  • The closing date for submission is Friday 12th March 2021. Winners will be announced at the beginning of April.
  • Entries should be one page of A4 or 500 words maximum and written in English.
  • A team of community partners and National Literacy Trust staff will shortlist entries and winners will be chosen by our panel of experts.
  • On submission, parents/guardians will be asked to grant permission to enter. They will be asked for consent to publish the entrant’s writing online or in print form, or display physical entries in public spaces.
  • Teachers submitting on behalf of their pupils must obtain permission from parents/ guardians prior to submission. As a teacher, by entering your pupils’ work into this competition you are confirming that written parental consent has been sought and confirmed in advance of the submission. National Literacy Trust will not be held liable in the instance that consent has not been sought.
  • National Literacy Trust will only use the information provided for the purposes for which it was obtained and that we will never pass on personal information to any other organisations unless specific consent has been given.