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Street ChildStreet Child

by Berlie Doherty

2021 Classics List

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Eva from Year 6:

A heart warming book that is a true story. A beautiful book to read

Marks out of 10: 10

sienna from Year 5, Saltersgate Junior School:

Jim Jarvis is an orphan. When his mother dies, he is sent to the workhouse. Jim is determined to escape, but London in the 1860s is a cruel place to be. He is forced to work for Grimy Nick with his dog, Snipe by his side, just when he makes a strong friendship with a boy on the streets. When things finally look better for Jim, he struggles to help a ill friend, who desperately needs a doctor. Will Jim's life ever be the same again? I liked this book because it is a history book made interesting. My favourite part is when Doctor Barnie helped Jim and the children on the streets because it shows that someone cared for poor kids in the 1860s. I learnt that rich people were not fair to poor people in the 1860s just because they didn't have enough money for everything. I would recommend this book because you can relive Jim's story and learn about the Victorian era.

Marks out of 10: 10