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The Island at the End of EverythingThe Island at the End of Everything

by Kiran Millward Hargrave

Primary List 2018-19

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Darcy from Year 5, Barnby Dun Primary Academy:

do you know the the thing teachers always say is you should not want to put your book down.well this is definitely the book for you.Most people I know don't like books or can't find the right one, this one is 100 percent the start to you liking books. Actually some people don't know the best things about reading like the cliff hangers when your about to find some thing out that may put a huge twist to the story or diving into the footsteps of the character and living in the book but what my favorite is that I can travel the world without moving. You made me want to read you made me want to dive back into adventure whenever I could and that is how you inspired me.

Marks out of 10: 10