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Toto the Ninja Cat and the Great Snake EscapeToto the Ninja Cat and the Great Snake Escape

by Dermot O'Leary

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Holly from Year 5, Saltersgate Junior School:

This book is really exciting because the characters are always ready and daring to save everyone that is in danger. This book is about two cats ( Toto and Silver) who came from Italy to London and made friends with a rat, who they thought was a cat, called Catface . All three of them went down a busy tube full of rats, where a huge king cobra snake was on the loose raring to kill everyone from his unknown release from the zoo, so of course they were ready to save everyone. Would you fight against a king cobra to save your friends ? My favourite character in this book was Toto because he has great ninja moves to save people and he is very friendly . If you like adventures then I would really recommend this book . Catface was actually a rat!

Marks out of 10: 10

Brooke from Year 7, The Armthorpe Academy:

This is an amazing book about a cat named Toto and her older brother, Silver. They're from Italy and Toto was born slightly blind. The brother and sister were found as strays by a family from the UK who took them in (Miss Hurworth told me that Dermot O'Leary, the author of the book, actually based the story on his own cats who he rescued whilst in Italy). They met a character called Catface (who has an unusual secret) and get shown around town. then, news breaks out that a deadly and terrifying king cobra escapes from the zoo!! Can Toto use her ninja skills to make everything right? Find out by reading the book. My favourite character is Brian the king cobra who is just misunderstood about him eating everyone and just wants to save his girlfriend Brenda. I liked the part when toto went into the tiger enclosure and did some ninja moves. I would recommed this book to people who like adventure and animals, the illustrations really hepl with the storyline and help you create an image of the characters in your head. I will definitely read other books in this series as i think Dermot O'Leary is a great writer, my Mum agrees but i think she just actually likes Dermot O'Leary!

Marks out of 10: 10

Milly from Year 7, Hall Cross Academy:

From reading this book I would say that a 6-8 year old would enjoy this. I feel that anyone older than this would almost find it quite a waste of precious reading time. The story-line is very basic and predictable and quite frankly, boring. i don't feel that the adventurous mood the author wanted to get across was noticeable.

Marks out of 10: 4

Leon from Year 5, Saltersgate Junior School:

Toto the Ninja Cat is a great, adventurous book; its perfect for cat lovers. Sadly I'm not a cat lover! After the start I found it a bit boring and it took me a while to finish the book. it's about 2 cats and one of the cats is a secret ninja. They go on a night time adventure to find an escaped King Cobra. Toto the Ninja cat has used all of her skills in this fantastic book. They make a friend call Catface who they think he is a cat but he's actually a rat! Will they save the animals from the deadly King Cobra? My favourite character is the ninja cat because she is really skilled and brave. If you want to know if the three friends can save London's wildlife then you had better find a copy and read it!

Marks out of 10: 7

Chloe from Year 5, Saltersgate Junior School:

I LOVE THIS BOOK! Toto the ninja cat is an awesome funny book about toto her gready brother Silver and Catface the rat! This book is very funny to read and great for fans of the domestic cat! There are many crazy surprises and unexpected ones to. My favourite character has to be toto a blind ninja cat from Italy. This book inspired me to join martial arts and self defence. I would DEFINATELY recommend this book to feline fans and excitable readers. Would you like to become a ninja!?

Marks out of 10: 10

Courtney from Year 5, Saltersgate Junior School:

Toto the Ninja cat is a really good book, also it is a fantasy book. I really enjoyed it. My favourite part is when they discover that there friend is a rat. My least favourite is when they nearly got eaten by a King Cobra ( named Brian). Please read this book and tell me what you think. Will you read it?

Marks out of 10: 9

Grace from Year 5, Saltersgate Junior School:

Good book quite funny. People that like adventure and mystery books would like this book because there is a lot of trips that they go on. My favourite part is when they went on a trip to see different landscapes and looked at different cultures. If you like to stay up late and read this would be a good book because it is very intresting and you can never put the book down. My favourite character is silver because she is funny and also extremely greedy but she has a kind personality

Marks out of 10: 7

Jorja from Year 5, Saltersgate Junior School:

I found this book interesting I would have given the book a 10 because in the book I thought it was a bit all over the place and too squashed like this happened and then suddenly then they found out something but I am not saying just this book but other ones as well but I really did enjoy this book.

Marks out of 10: 9

Luca from Year 5, Epworth Primary School:

Toto is a good book because it has loads of amazing fun already in the story. Even though I have only read 20 pages of it and I have the cheese toto as well so I hope toto will get bigger of the year

Marks out of 10: 9