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Toto the Ninja Cat and the Great Snake EscapeToto the Ninja Cat and the Great Snake Escape

by Dermot O'Leary

Primary List 2018-19

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Holly from Year 5, Saltersgate Junior School:

This book is really exciting because the characters are always ready and daring to save everyone that is in danger. This book is about two cats ( Toto and Silver) who came from Italy to London and made friends with a rat, who they thought was a cat, called Catface . All three of them went down a busy tube full of rats, where a huge king cobra snake was on the loose raring to kill everyone from his unknown release from the zoo, so of course they were ready to save everyone. Would you fight against a king cobra to save your friends ? My favourite character in this book was Toto because he has great ninja moves to save people and he is very friendly . If you like adventures then I would really recommend this book . Catface was actually a rat!

Marks out of 10: 10