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The House with Chicken LegsThe House with Chicken Legs

by Sophie Anderson

Secondary List 2018-19

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Sophie from Year 8, The Armthorpe Academy:

Was it the sight of the cover, the talk of the plot or the glowing reviews from Kiran Millwood-Hargrave i read that kept making me want to read this book? OK, ll admit it. It was all of these things but most of all, it was the title. 1. How could you choose to not read a book called ~The House with Chicken Legs? 2. How could you not be both fascinated and the slightest bit intrigued by what was to come? Therefore, I just knew that I HAD to read it! The House with Chicken Legs is steeped in Russian folklore in the form of a Baba Yaga mythical retelling. You may think?~Oh, just another retelling? But let me assure you, that the re-imagining take on this tale is absolutely amazeballs. How would you feel if your house got to choose where you live? How would you feel if your house decided who you met and became friends with? How would you feel if you had great responsibility bestowed upon you but you wanted no, needed to choose your own destiny? Along the way, Marinka, the House and her trusted jackdaw, Jack meet: life Benjamin, Benji, Salma, Lamya; death Nina, Serina, The Old Man and his Wife; and Yaga Baba Yaga, Old Yaga and plenty of other Yagas; to try to work out the answers to these life-changing questions. There's also the House. Well what can I say? The House is larger than life with an even bigger heart; personified perfectly with tons of charm and charisma but also tinged with a loveble roughness around the edges thatll have you yearning deeply for it to be something you encounter yourself. Marinka is the right kind of heroine for this story but the House is just as much as a hero for me. The more you read on, the more Marinka will have you wanting to join her on her journey of self-discovery, where houses walk (and run!); where the dead talk; and where life, death and Yaga come together in a superbly written story. By the end, like I was, you should be trying your best to hold on and not say goodbye to these characters and this stunning story. But youll also learn some Russian; some chemistry (I loved the mentions of compounds combining to make fireworks and scientists like Rosalind Franklin); I would highly recommend reading this unusual story, def for Yr7/8

Marks out of 10: 9