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by Patrice Lawrence

Secondary List 2017-18

So far we have received 3 reviews of Orangeboy.

You can read them below.

harvey from Year 6, Bessacarr Primary School:

it is a brill book and cool to read and fun

Marks out of 10: 9

shania from Year 9, Ridgewood School:

I don't really like this book because I couldn't get into it at all. I think it is very strange all through this book.

Marks out of 10: 2

Eleanor from Year 9, Ridgewood School:

Gone. In an instant. Dead. Although sixteen year old Marlon has promised his mum that he will behave and try his best, his best has just become his worst. When going on his first date with a young lady named Sonya, all becomes lost and Sonya looses her life in front on poor Marlon. Poor Marlon? He is now a witness to the death and is a suspect for all cases! And to make matters worse, a voice mail from Mr Orange changes all feelings and emotions around. Life is going down hill, all trust is lost, love is now hated. What will he do to save his life and turn things back round ... I liked this book because of how it was a more mature read and ever chapter made sense towards the plot. For once an author made every chapter count and didn’t include waffle to made the book thicker! It all ready clicked for me and actually made all facts and figures interesting and relatable for every character. Second of all the book was very clever as although the title was ‘Orange Boy’ they only partly - especially in the first half- dipped in and out of the subject matter of Mr Orange and/or orange boy ; books that include this feature are very interesting as you are reading and thinking about the character and waiting for it to be mentioned. If you are waiting for the next best clever story, you won’t need to wait any longer- you have just read about it! Orange Boy- embark on it today

Marks out of 10: 8