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A Right Royal Afternoon for the DBA

Last Tuesday, 24th April 2018, was a very special day for the DBA Committee. Together we attended a special event in the magnificent surroundings of Sheffield Cathedral where we were presented with a Duke of York’s Community Initiative Award by HRH Prince Andrew.

DBA Chair Lesley Hurworth being presented with the DOYCI award by HRH Prince Andrew
DBA Chair Lesley Hurworth being presented with the DOYCI award by HRH Prince Andrew

Alongside representatives from other award-winning organisations and groups, our Chair, Lesley Hurworth, went up on stage to accept the Award certificate on behalf of the DBA. Once the official presentations were over, Prince Andrew gave a short speech where he thanked everyone present for their efforts, speaking very sincerely and expressing his gratitude for the fantastic work being done by all the groups being recognised. He explained the origins of the awards scheme which he founded 20 years ago in 1998 after visiting a York housing estate where inspiring residents had come together to resolve community problems. As stated on the Initiative’s website, The Duke of York ‘decided to found an Initiative to recognise the important contribution made by voluntary organisations for their work across Yorkshire’. In order to achieve the award, organisations have to ‘be owned, developed and led by the people they serve. It is also important to show real value to the community, be well run, and be an inspiration to others’.

Following his speech, HRH went around the cathedral meeting and speaking to each group in turn about their work. It was an extremely enjoyable day and the DBA Committee are proud and delighted to have received the award.

Team DBA at the Award Ceremony in Sheffield Cathedral