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Dave Days, November 2016

16 November 2016 View Event Photos

Within hours of announcing that Dave Cryer would be travelling from Keswick to deliver his formidable workshops celebrating DBA’s poetry shortlist, six schools were quick enough off the mark to secure a session. Town Field Primary, Ridgewood School, Crookesbroom Primary Academy, Marshland Primary, Sir Thomas Wharton and Owston Park Primary were the schools fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work on drama pieces devised from Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes to Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of The Snark.

Here’s what Ridgewood students had to say about their day (Further down the page you can also read feedback from Sir Thomas Wharton Community College):

This experience was highly inspiring and lured me to value poetry to a larger extent.  This opportunity introduced me to different styles of poetry (some of which I value more than others) where I can make my own preference.  Amazingly, the drama segments measured the growth in my confidence alongside the fact that the themes of the books allowed my creativity to extend.  I would not trade this experience for the world.  
— Charley, Y7


“Today was inspiring because I am going to write stories again”.


“I really liked today, I learnt a lot and had a really good time”. 
— Katie, Y8


“Today I have been inspired to write poems”. 
— Harrison, Y7


“Today was great because I loved listening to the poems and watching the performances”.
— Summer, Y7


“It has inspired me to perform and read more poetry”.
— Katie, Y8


“It was an amazing experience, it gave me confidence to perform in front of others”. 
— Olivia, Y8


“I really liked today, enjoyed the performances and am inspired to do more drama”.
— Beau, Y8


“I enjoyed all of the performances and the poetry books”. 
— Phoebe, Y7


“I especially enjoyed the performance from Molly and Tia”. 
— Milli, Y8


“I wish it had lasted all day”. 
— Molly, Y8


“I enjoyed today because it introduced me to the poetry list from The DBA.  Best day ever!”
— Eleanor, Y8


“I enjoyed extracting parts from the poems”. 
— Lily, Y8


“I am inspired to read more poetry”. 
— Kaitlin, Y8


“Today will make me more confident in Drama”.  
— Abigail, Y7


“Today was fun and inspiring”. 
— Tasha, Y7


“Today opened my eyes to a different type of literature, I found it fun”.
— Josie, Y8


“Inspired to read The DBA poetry books”. 
— Keira, Y7


“Today was amazing, I feel really inspired to write my own poetry”. 
— Cerys, Y7


“I liked looking at the poetry from different angles”. 
— Poppy, Y8


Feedback from Sir Thomas Wharton Community College:


I just wanted to give you some feedback on yesterday's 'Dave Day'.

The session was fantastic and extremely powerful in inspiring the students who took part to engage with the DBA long-list, especially the poetry books which, prior to the session, had pretty much remained on the shelf, untouched. Dave will confirm that during the session lots of the students asked when they could take the books we had been exploring out, and by early lunch they had all been loaned and we now have a waiting list in action!

Dave was brilliant with the kids and they warmed to him straight away, preferring, of all the options, to call him 'Sir Dave' from the start. The activities were well thought out and suitable for the age and ability of the students present who couldn't wait to get started and we had no end of volunteers willing to perform their pieces to the entire student-body (60+). 

When asked about the workshop, students said they "enjoyed it a lot", that it "helped me to understand the poems better", "made it more fun then just reading them in class" and eagerly asked "when is Sir Dave coming back again miss?" I think the latter is true confirmation of the students' enjoyment of the session!

Many thanks for organising yet another fantastic book event. Despite only being part of DBA for just a few short months, STWCC have already gained so much from the charity and we truly appreciate all your hard work and effort at keeping the awards going and so successfully. 

Photos from the Event


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