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The Shepherd's CrownThe Shepherd's Crown

by Terry Pratchett and Paul Kidby

Classics List - Fantasy Theme 2017-18

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Tiffany from Year 5, Saltersgate Junior School:

The author of this book is Terry Pratchett and it is all about a young witch called Tiffany Aching. Unfortunately, the greatest witch of all time (who is Tiffany`s granny called Esme Weatherwax) had died. Most of the senior witches think that Tiffany would be capable to take Esme's place however ,Tiffany thinks she will not be able to cope doing the job of Granny because it includes defeating (or keeping away) the elves! During this time as the best witch ever, Tiffany does her best to help Geoffrey ( a normal child) to help him become a witch. I would recommend this book to 10 to 11 year olds because there is a few made up words too!)

Marks out of 10: 9

Freya from Year 5, Saltersgate Junior School:

I got bored reading this book. It was about a girl called Tiffany Aching, who is a young witch. My favourite part of this book was the prologue because it built up tension and then on with the actual book (which was boring) It was set a long time ago. My favourite character was granny Weatherwax because of her kind heart and she had a lot of good quotes as to the way she wanted to spend her life, she was very independent but unfortunately ....! There was a lot of hard vocabulary and unusual names so I didn't understand it, that's why I found it boring.

Marks out of 10: 4


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