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Pugs of the Frozen NorthPugs of the Frozen North

by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

Primary List 2017-18

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Eleanor from Year 9, Ridgewood School:

Pugs Of The Frozen North Stranded.Freezing Cold.Worthless. When Shen is left isolated and alone after being shipwrecked by the 'Lucky Star' on a unusual snowy wonderland, he wonders if he will ever find hope again for himself and the 66 pugs accompanying him! A race to the top of the world? An amazing one in a lifetime prize? Shen meets Sika and they they team up with their furry friends to enter the competition of excitement, adventure, battles and horror- will you join them too? Will you help defeat the other contestants to claim victory? Will you race to the top of the world...in Pugs of The Frozen North! I enjoyed this book most of all because of the entertaining illustrations and how many unusually characters entered the story! Lots of them appeared out of nowhere so it shocked the reader and engaged them even more! To follow on, the story baseline was planned perfectly in my opinion as it included a sad backstory ( which I will keep a secret of course) but that in the first place gives them courage to make them go on this adventure! Even at the end I have to admit I shredded a tear as the send off for something as sad of this would lighten anybody's feeling about what had happened! Honestly, everything about the book was amazing and in my spare time I would love to read this book again! Only at one point I became slightly confused with some of the points delivered in the scene which lowers the points but except for that I LOVED this book! A Christmas read for any age!

Marks out of 10: 9


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