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The Goldfish BoyThe Goldfish Boy

by Lisa Thompson

Primary List 2017-18

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Eleanor from Year 9, Ridgewood School:

The boy who sat in his bedroom for most of his childhood…the boy who was afraid of germs spreading through his system like a flow of water rushing through a stream….the boy who blamed his little brother’s death on himself – the boy named Goldfish Boy! Matthew likes everything to be clean, safe and secure in his tiny bedroom and to keep a watchful eye on the neighbourhood around him! However, as his fear of germs grows, his neighbourhood becomes in a panic as little Teddy from next door vanishes without a trace.Who could have an idea about Mr Charles’s grandson disappearing – Goldfish Boy! As suspicions grow, health issues rocket sky high with Matthew and secrets about the past are revealed, somebody in the neighbourhood is keeping the dark secret about little Teddy… Goldfish Boy was my absolute favourite book because of its whole story plan; I mean who wouldn’t enjoy a mystery jam packed with comedy and adventure! As well as not revealing too much, Matthew was my favourite character due to his problems with germs and watching him slowly drape back his fear over the period of story was so exciting and jaw dropping! As well as that, the author has picked the perfect times to uncover new secret, bring fun and excitement in the story and reveal new information about Matthew! This is certainly a read for people who enjoy a good mystery and a nice chunky book! If you would ask me about the rating, an absolute 10 as nothing in the story was boring and nothing did not fit in with the story line! How about a ‘Goldfish Girl’ book as that would be an amazing sequel! Overall, I would pick this book as the Primary DBA Winner due to its intriguing journey, perfect plot and most of all its main character – MATTHEW THE GOLFISH BOY! Thank you Lisa Thompson for publishing my new time favourite book!

Marks out of 10: 10


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