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by Teri Terry

Secondary List 2017-18

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Lily-Mae from Year 7, Ridgewood School:

This book is very enjoyable;however, if you cannot cope with sadness or death this is not the book for you. I have not read a Teri Terry book before but for some reason the book sort of just called me so I crabbed this book before the half term holiday, and read it within a week. Even though, this book enriched me it also made me upset as well... you'll find out. This book is on the lines of the film Contagion but goes off near the end. An illness leaks out from a Shetland Institute, and along with Callie it follows, she picks up Shay, a girl who saw her the day she went missing, and Kai, Callie's brothers, can all three of them stop the epidemic before it makes the whole country suffer? Since I have had this book, my dad also took a huge interest and snatched it out of my reach every time i put it down, the comments on the back are definitely true that this book is "unputdownable,gripping and chilling," I definitely suggest.

Marks out of 10: 9


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