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Silence is GoldfishSilence is Goldfish

by Annabel Pitcher

Secondary List 2017-18

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Josie from Year 9, Ridgewood School:

How do you react to rage? Would you turn your back on your family who have always supported and loved you, when you find out they may not be who they say they are. Silence is goldfish tells Tess's story as she battles with the fact she doesn't know her father and begins to question who she really is. Slowly we see Tess turn her back on people she would have always trusted as she learns whether silence is goldfish. This book is a book of questions and answers as Tess looses everything she cherishes. But will a plastic goldfish help her find it? I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys a teen fiction but is happy to read between the lines and persevere with what eventually becomes a fantastic book. Although it takes some time to get into, once you are hooked it is like any other DBA book. Truly Incredible.

Marks out of 10: 7

keira from Year 8, Ridgewood School:

If you doubted who you really were, would you try and find out the truth? The ones who you loved the most, a secret they never explained to you. Silence Is Goldfish is a truth revealing story which helps to show Tess who she really is. It is a book which helps to prove to her true identity. But will a plastic goldfish help her to solve it? This novel introduces a concept in which not many people have to go through. Therefore the storyline is somewhat hard to follow at first; however when you get into it, it is a heart-wrenching story. Is silencing her world going to change it? I would recommend this book to teen readers who are willing to follow the story and read between the lines in some cases. I would recommend with a 10/10.

Marks out of 10: 10

Eleanor from Year 9, Ridgewood School:

As it says on blurb - this is a story that demands to be heard! A secret unfolds that tortures fifteen year old Tess for days and her world is hanging off a cliff. Her only source, a goldfish? Clearly all this creature does is float day dreaming in a fish tank? However, this plastic fish is her thoughts, emotions and her only friend to help her through the pain of silence. Questions days on end, fear night after night and answers are hiding - what else can you do to hide from the truth? Nothing. Its time to step in to reality as you embark in 'Silence Is Goldfish'. This book definitely hits you hard due to the storyline and the main characters thoughts and feelings. You can already tell that a storm is brewing as she uncovers her safety blanket as a goldfish - there must of been hardly any hope inside her if this is her idea of peace. Moving on, the maturity of the book is quite high which I liked as the older ages can enjoy a book that they don't feel is silly and to young for ( I can relate to this). However, I must comment on how some of the story line in the first half of the book is quite confusing and takes a while to sink in to the adventure of Tess again ; some of the members of the DBA book club at Ridgewood School have commented on this too. On the other hand, I feel this book definitely exercises my mind with new and interesting vocabulary and was a lovely thick book that I could enjoy for a good week. Therefore I rated this book a 7 because of the reasons above. Overall though, this was a interesting read that I will definitely remember as a dark but jam packed book in the future!

Marks out of 10: 7

Tina from Year 12, Don Valley Academy and Performing Arts College:

I have gave this book 8/10 I enjoyed this book because it is based on something that could happen reality and what some people may go through similar. However at some parts it did get boring and I nearly stopped reading. But it didn't stop me because as I read on it brought my attention back. How would you respond to shock? Well Tess who is fifteen years old went mute and she wouldn't speak a word to anyone. I would recommend this book to secondary years because the idea and the story line can get confusing.

Marks out of 10: 8

shania from Year 9, Ridgewood School:

it was very experiencing and really interesting. The cover of the book grabbed my attention.

Marks out of 10: 9


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