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The EndThe End

by Charlie Higson

Secondary List 2016-17

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charley from Year 7, Ridgewood School:

This book will not appeal to all, however, to some this book will fill many hours with a pleasant activity to do. While tedious on parts, this book has a thrilling story line of safety, loss and all in all chaos. Perfect! What a great read this is for those of us who prefer things a little on the dark side. Without a shadow of a doubt, this book is sure to impress!

Marks out of 10: 9

Ellie-Mae from Year 7, The Armthorpe Academy:

This book is quite boring but in some parts it's good

Marks out of 10: 7

Sasha from Year 7, Healing School - A Science Academy:

The End was a very interesting book. It is an adventure and action story that has a great ending and is very funny in some parts. This novel in the series is based on the battle of hyde park. It is about groups of children under 14 battling to survive as the adults have become immune to this deadly virus which causes them to go all weird and wanting to kill the children. I gave this book a 7 because I thought that it was very good, as I like adventure stories, but it had quite a slow start and had a quick pace throughout the rest. My favourite part was when Ed was reunited with his sister Ella as they had lost each other throughout a couple of series. This is because it touched me a bit and made me feel happy for them. I would recommend this book.

Marks out of 10: 7

Benjamin from Year 8, Don Valley Academy and Performing Arts College:

I LOVE Charlie Higson! He is my favourite author as all his books have a little bit of everything from violence to unrealisticness and even a little bit of romance. His Books are action packed and full to the brim of fighting. The storyline of this book is great to round all of his action packed books into one great pot of gold.His books make me laugh even though there not meant to be laughed at. His books are so good I cant say it in words.

Marks out of 10: 10

Alex from Year 8, Don Valley Academy and Performing Arts College:

I truly enjoyed this book as it increasingly added tention and gave the reader and anxious and curious feeling inside of them. Personally i had never read the charlie higson's series other than 'the End' but i soon understood the story of these books and i loved the story as well as the characters such as 'Shadowman' and 'Paddie'.Overall i gave this book an eight out of ten as i believe this is a wonderful book but sometimes became confusing.

Marks out of 10: 8

Danielle from Year 7, De Warenne Academy:

What I liked! I like that is shows he world through the kids eyes so you get to know what its like for kids What I Disliked: I disliked that there was a lot of bad words [ swear words ] Which is inappropriate for young readers and because of all the swear words and general things I liked I would rate this book 5/10. Thank you !!! Danielle

Marks out of 10: 5

Gracie-rose from Year 8, Don Valley Academy and Performing Arts College:

Anyone over the age of 14 has turned into a zombie. This book is about children fighting the twisted adults to survive. The book is set in many different view points and is very gruesome. Children are fighting for their lives against a flood of zombie adults. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it for teenages.

Marks out of 10: 7


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